Hyderabad: Another weapon in the Indian Army’s armory.. Unmanned aerial vehicles after the Balakot attacks..

Hyderabad: Steps are being taken towards strengthening India’s defense sector and acquiring modern assets. As a part of this, engines required for use in cruise missiles and unmanned aircraft are being developed. Hyderabad-based Paninian India Pvt Ltd has recently completed conceptual validation of a 4.5 kN turbojet engine. As a part of this, Paninian Company is making models related to this. Aero engines are being developed for use in large unmanned aerial vehicles, from cruise missiles.

Raghu Adla, founder of 'Paninian India Private Limited', said this. Raghu made it clear that they are not doing reverse engineering when it comes to manufacturing engines. Paninian will develop engines in the range between 3-12 kN. Testbeds are being prepared for necessary tests in this regard. Hyderabad-based Paninian India started working on this project after the Balakot attacks in 2019. People with experience in General Electrics and Rolls-Royce companies will be hired for manufacturing these engines.

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