Hyderabad: Another huge scam in the city.. In the name of making wicks and wicks, Rs. 200 crore tokara

Kadedi Kavitakanarham said Nadu Sri Sri.. Today, some skeptics say that Kadedi is unworthy of fraud. Taking the weakness of the common people as a support, they are robbing everything they believe in. One such huge fraud was exposed in Hyderabad city. That ketugad not one, but two, believed innocent women and took about Rs. He fled without a trace with 200 crores. Going into details..

Another huge scam has emerged in Hyderabad city. Opportunity to earn money sitting at home. Some miscreants are putting innocent people in the basket by giving various advertisements saying that it is a golden opportunity for housewives to earn income. Women who are not in a position to go out are being deceived by blindly believing the words of Ketugalla with the idea of ​​taking this opportunity. A man named Ravula Kollu Ramesh collected 200 crores in the name of manufacturing wicks for lamps and bottu billas for women.

Kollu Ramesh established a company named RR Enterprises in ASRaonagar of the city. He sold the wicks used in the lamps and the machines used for the manufacture of bottu billas. While the machine for making lamp wicks is 1 lakh 70 thousand, he sold the machine for making wicks to consumers at 1 lakh 40 thousand. He put the victims in a basket saying that he would pay per kilo if they made vats and bottu bills with the raw material he gave. The victims who believed the words of this cheat bought the machines along with their relatives. He wrote bonds for everyone if they protested that they would not buy goods for a few days. After receiving a large amount of money, he disappeared. The victims who came to know that Ramesh had turned the board approached the police. All the victims filed a complaint at the Kushaiguda police station. They begged for justice. Following the complaint of the victims, the police registered a case of cheating and started an investigation. There are about 1100 victims of this fraud.

TV9, Reporter

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