Hyderabad: Another cyber crime incident in Hyderabad

They don’t see it.. but they destroy the money in the accounts. This is a type of theft. Using technology, money can be transferred with a single click. They steal our confidential information from us. This is the way of cyber criminals. Their crimes are increasing day by day in Hyderabad. Innocent people are being targeted and cheated. When they feel that they have been cheated, they pack up and beg. Recently a similar incident happened in Hyderabad. They stole Rs.40 lakhs by sending a fake e-mail ID. Hyderabad Cyber ​​Crime Police Station has come to light of another cyber crime. The thugs who cheated the Mithani company in Kanchan Bagh, Hyderabad, took away Rs. 40 lakhs. Mithani Company has paid some cash in advance to purchase aluminum from Natural Aluminum Company of Canada. Natural Alu Company supplied aluminum to Mithani Company as per the agreement.

The cyber crime criminals who took care of the same sent this email from an account number belonging to the United States rather than the Canadian account of that organization. The Mithani organization did not notice this. It is believed that the mail was sent by a Canadian company. The balance cash of Rs.40 lakh was paid to the account sent by the criminals. The truth came out when the representatives of Natural Alu Company asked to send the balance. Although Mithani's company said that they have paid, the money has not reached their accounts. The victim company realized that they have been cheated by this and filed a complaint with the police in Hyderabad cyber crime. Based on their complaint, the police have registered a case and are investigating.

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