Hyderabad: ‘All my words are lies.. please understand’.. tearful engineering student’s suicide letter..

Hyderabad: Some people take shocking decisions for small problems in life and leave grief in their families. They have to face and experience the life given by God no matter how hard they are leaving the yoke in the middle. Especially young people are committing suicide which is causing serious concern recently. Some have not achieved what they wanted in life, some are stuck in debt and others are spending themselves. A recent incident in Hyderabad caused a stir.

A boy named Mamidi Lakshmisai (22) from Kashibugga of Warangal district has recently completed his B.Tech and is trying to get a job. At the same time, he came to Hyderabad on 31st of last month and stayed at Lotus Grand Hotel in Gurdwara area. The hotel staff knocked on the door of Lakshmisai’s room on Thursday after she did not show up for two days and did not pay the room rent. As the door was not opened, the hotel management informed the police. The police broke the door and found that he had committed suicide by hanging himself with a binding wire in the bathroom.

Police found suicide note at Lakshmisai. Sai Tanu said in his suicide note, ‘I have incurred debts without knowing it… I am not able to repay them.. I have told many lies.. All my words are drama.. Please understand.. Mother, father, temple, brothers, beware’. Lakshmisai checked her phone and found that the last phone call was made on Monday. It is believed that he committed suicide on Monday. As mentioned in the suicide note, the police believe that debt was the reason for the suicide. After informing the family members, the police started an investigation.

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