Hyderabad: Alert to Hyderabadis.. Fresh water supply will be interrupted in these areas for 24 hours..

Officials said that the supply of fresh water will be interrupted in many places in the city. Hyderabad Water Board O&M No. 10B, Auto Nagar Reservoir Outlet Main 1000 mm dia pipeline under Prashant Nagar will be blocked for leakages in four areas from Auto Nagar to Nagol. As a part of this, urgent repairs are to be undertaken to the pipelines to stop the leakages. Due to the repairs, water supply will be interrupted from 4 am on Thursday (17-11-2022) to 4 am on Friday (18-11-2022).

Due to this, fresh water supply will be stopped in many parts of the city for 24 hours. Uppal Metro Rail, Metro Cash and Carry, Devender Nagar, Ramantapur Two Vambe Housing Complexes in Devender Nagar, CDFD, Sri Sai RTC Colony, Adarshanagar, Venkat Sai Nagar, Sri Krishna Colony, Old Peerjadiguda, Mallikarjuna Nagar Phase I & II, Bhawani Nagar Colonies , Peerjadiguda Municipal Corporation, Pedda Amberpet, Gourelli and Kuthbullapur, NTR Nagar Basti, Vastu Colony, RTC Colony, Shiva Ganga Colony, Shiri Road, Srinivasa Colony, Shivamma Basti, Nagol areas will be shut down. Keeping this in mind, the officials advised to use water sparingly.

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