Hyderabad: A woman who was upset because her car was fined..warned the police on the highway

Telangana: A woman created a ruckus in the Sultan Bazar area of ​​Hyderabad. The traffic police were attacked. Grabbed the walkie-talkie and made a commotion. A woman parked her car in a no parking zone on Sultanbazar Bank Street. The traffic police noticed this and locked the wheel as per the rules. After a while, the woman saw that the wheel of the car was locked. Fear of the police.. respect has been forgotten. Will you lock my car? She got into an argument with the traffic police asking if they will issue me a challan. She tried to attack saying how dare you. In anger, she snatched the walkie-talkie from the police and tried to beat him on the ground. The car rushed as if it was taking someone. The locals are shocked to see the woman's commotion. The traffic police who bore all this complacency filed a complaint against the woman to the law and order police. Sultan Bazar Law and Order Police registered a case against the woman and seized the car. The woman who misbehaved with the traffic police was identified as Divya.

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