Hyderabad: A special chance for all those injured in the ticket stampede… a chance to watch the match with the Minister

India vs Australia 2022: Rabhasa on ticket sales.. Outrage over black danda.. Half-hearted arrangements in the stadium.. Amidst all this, India-Australia are ready for the T20 final fight. Both teams are tied with one win each. And who has the real punch in the final game? Who will win the series? The Uppal Stadium is already packed with fans clamoring. The chants of the fans are loud. In the first match, India failed to defend the huge target of 209 runs and suffered a defeat. And in the second T20, which was played in eight overs, they chased 91 runs and stood in the series race. In the third match to be held at Uppal, the Indian team should not make any mistakes in batting, bowling and fielding. Any section that fails will pay a heavy price.

Minister Srinivas Goud will watch the match with the injured...

It is known that many people were injured in the stampede for tickets. They are all recovered now. Meanwhile, their hope of watching the match live at Uppal Stadium is also being fulfilled. Yes.. The fans who were injured in the previous stampede... are going to watch the match live. It is remarkable that Sports Minister Srinivas Gowd himself is coming to Uppal Stadium chasing them. Srinivas Goud took all of them in a special police van and sent them to the match. The minister will watch the match with them. Srinivas Goud, who spoke with them earlier, inquired about the stampede that happened the other day. After examining their injuries, he expressed his sympathy. After having tiffin with them, everyone joined them and left for the stadium.

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