Hostel warden Harassment: Atrocious in Hyderabad.. Warden anarchy on boys with obscene videos.!

A terrible incident has come to light in the city of Hyderabad. Atrocities of the warden in the boys hostel have come to light. Police have arrested a hostel warden who was sexually harassing students by showing obscene videos. Students are accusing the warden of being indecent by touching their private parts. A group of seven students filed a complaint against the warden at Hayatnagar police station. As a result, the police registered a case against the warden Murram Krishna from Andhra Pradesh and started an investigation. Police said the accused had joined the hostel as a warden a month ago. The police confirmed that he used to stay with the students in this hostel and used to get close to the minor boys. Moreover, the police said that he used to sneak into the bathrooms of the students while they were taking a bath and take videos. The police registered a total of 7 cases against the warden and took up the investigation.

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