Gundrampally: The land that stood against the Nizam’s Razakars, Gundrampally.

Telangana Freedom Fight: September 17- A memorable day in the history of Telangana. The day Hyderabad became a part of India after being freed from Nizam rule. That day did not come suddenly. At that auspicious time, the people of Mundu faced many hardships. Our words cannot describe those hardships and sufferings. Gundrumpalli village in Nalgonda district is a living testimony of the carnage created by the Rajakars unleashed by Nizam Anda. This village shed blood to prevent the atrocities of Rajakars. TV9 special story on Gundrumpalli who got a special place for himself in the liberation struggle of Telangana people.

This mosque is a clear evidence of the atrocities that took place during the Nizam's rule. As a witness of this mosque, hundreds of people were massacred by the Razakars of the time. Chityala mandal of Nalgonda district has a special place in Gundrumpalli in Telangana armed struggle that started against Nizam. This village is located on the Hyderabad-Vijayawada National Highway after crossing Chautauqua.

Qasim Razvi, the licensed killer of the Razakars established by the Nizam rulers as the center of the Gundrumpalli Masjid, continued his rampage. Now Syed Maqbul from Vardhamanukota in Suryapet district came to Gundrumpally for livelihood and joined the then Majlis organization and rose to become a troop leader. Formed a force of 50 men and became a follower of Qasim Razvi. With this mosque as the center, Maqbul's robberies, atrocities and rapes against women are incalculable. He used to ruthlessly cut and kill those who came in the way of his agadas. Karkasaka who killed two pregnant women and built it on the foundation of his house.

At that time, there were regular clashes between the communist forces and the Rajakars. Maqbool's wife and daughter were killed in an attack by communist forces on Maqbool's house. Maqbool got angry because of this. He showed his monstrosity by massacring more than 350 communist cadres and others and throwing them into the agricultural well next to the mosque. The warriors of that time remind that there was no end to the anarchies of Maqbool and more than 350 people of the village were killed.

In 1993, communists and villagers built a memorial stupa in Gundrumpally to commemorate the martyrs of that time. Recently, the stupa of Martyrs was removed during the expansion of National Highway No. 65. As a result, the villagers set up a martyr's stupa at another place. Villagers remember the sacrifices of martyrs every year. Locals say that they are printing books to hand over the history of Gundrumpalli to future generations during Telangana's armed struggle.

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