Good news for Telangana doctors.. Rs. 3 thousand incentive every time they do that.. Jio release

Medical staff are working hard for the welfare of mothers and babies by promoting normal deliveries in government hospitals. The government provides incentives for normal deliveries. It is known that Finance and Medical Health Minister Harish Rao had earlier announced that the KCR kit and cash schemes provided by the government will be stopped if the operation is performed and the baby is delivered. When the Telangana government came, it made better healthcare available to the poor and middle class people. With that, Telangana has become third in health services in the country. Telangana has surpassed Tamil Nadu in reducing mother mortality. In this order, the government has taken another important decision in promoting normal births. Medical team who performed normal deliveries Rs. 3000 incentive will be given. To this extent, Sarkar Jio has released. According to the details reported by Jivola..

Awareness should be raised about normal delivery. Doctors decide whether to operate or not. They want to see the moment and do the operations. And few pregnant women’s family members – our baby is not having any pains are forcing to do the operation.

Doctors decide whether to operate or not depending on the risk of death. Pregnant women need some physical exercise. Well-developed countries are joining special hospitals after spending lakhs for normal delivery in corporate hospitals. We spend lakhs and go to corporate hospitals and undergo C-section operations.

Developed countries such as Europe have recognized the benefits of normal deliveries. Mother and baby are healthy due to normal delivery. Surveys show that breastfeeding within the first hour and six months can reduce infant mortality rates by 22 percent.

Minister Harish Rao said that 45 percent C-sections are being performed in government hospitals in Telangana state. Minister Harish Rao, who started the Milk Bank at Petla Buruj Government Hospital, explained this. We have 55 percent normal delivery. In private, 80 percent C section and 20 percent normal delivery is taking place. The percentage of normal delivery should decrease in government and private sectors. Earlier, 75 percent C-section was done. We were able to reduce it to 45 percent. He called everyone to move towards a healthy Telangana. Telangana state ranks 3rd in the country in our health services. Telangana is after Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This is what the Center said.

He said that he was able to surpass Tamil Nadu in maternal mortality rate. If you do C section, they will give you 11 thousand rupees. Negative increment. Delete it. We are giving an increment of 3 thousand rupees for every normal delivery. Minister Harish Rao stated that this incentive is being implemented for doctors, nurses, Ashas and ANMs.

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