GG Hospital: Corporate medicine for rupees..not anywhere else in our Hyderabad..meal is also free..

GG Hospital: These days there are days when you dread going to the hospital. Even if you go to the hospital with a cold, Rs. 300 per day on which consultation fees are payable. For related tests and medicine Rs. Thousands have to be submitted. But how about providing corporate medicine with a consultation fee of just one rupee.? What are you kidding? But it’s really true. GG Charity Hospital, established by DSR and DVR Charitable Trust, provides quality medical care to the poor at low cost.

It seems that the location of this hospital has not been told yet.. This hospital was opened in February 2022 in Ranganagar, Hyderabad. The specialty of this hospital is that it charges only Rs. Even that one rupee has to be put in the hundi set up in the hospital. Medical services are provided 24 hours a day. Treats pregnant women, children and ortho related diseases. Currently there are 18 doctors in the hospital. Not limited to just consultancy, they also conduct tests like Lab, X-ray, Physiotherapy, ICU, Ultrasound at low cost.

Besides, free meals and tiffins are provided to the patients and their assistants who come to the hospital. AYUSH and Arogya Shri schemes are also implemented in it. Currently 200 patients are coming to this hospital daily. The organizers say that more services will be made available in the coming days.

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