Gangster Nayeem Case: Gangster Nayeem’s main follower Seshanna is in the custody of the task force.

Gangster Nayeem follower Sheshanna: Gangster Nayeem's main follower Sheshanna, who was killed in an encounter, has been detained by the Hyderabad Task Force Police. The police arrested Seshanna on a solid information. On this occasion, the task force police seized a 9 mm pistol from Seshanna. Seshanna, who has been doing land settlements for some time, was attacked while settling in a hotel in Kothapet on Monday. The task force police, who took Seshanna into custody with clear information, are investigating from all angles. Meanwhile.. Seshanna's arrest will be shown on Tuesday. He will be produced in Nampally court and remanded. Meanwhile.. after the gangster Naeem's encounter.. his main follower Seshanna went into hiding. Since then, he has been hiding under the eyes of the police. However, finding a 9mm pistol with him raises many suspicions. How the pistol that was with the police went to him.. The police are investigating from the point of view of the settlements he has conducted so far and who has given him shelter. Also, the police suspect that Seshanna is fully aware of Naim's assets and dumps. A lot of details will be collected from Seshanna regarding the AK-47 found with Naeem during the encounter as well as the weapons and explosives seized by the police from his dens.

Naim encounter..

Nayum was killed in an encounter at Shadnagar on August 8, 2016. Later, the police conducted inspections at Naeem's house in Narsingi. On this occasion, huge assets came to light. The government handed over the Naeem encounter case to the SIT. During the investigation, the SIT identified some of the properties in the names of his benami. However.. many victims also complained that Naeem grabbed their property. Naeem also submitted the property documents in the name of benami in the SIT court. Rachakonda police arrested Naeem's wife Paheem Begum, followers Pasam Srinu, Abdul Faheem and Nazir after they tried to sell several properties in Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district. Total Rs. Police have seized more than 150 crores worth of property.

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