Ganesh Visarjan 2022: Bye bye Ganesha.

Ganesh immersion frenzy continues in Hyderabad. One by one, the vehicles are going to Tankubund. A huge number of devotees are reaching Hussain Sagar from old town Charminar and Mojanjahi market. Youths and children dance and dance in Shobhayatra. The surroundings of Hussainsagar are buzzing with bands and DJs. Women are enthusiastically participating in Nimajjana Shobhayatra with kolatam and bhajans. Tankuband is emanating spiritual fragrance with devotees coming from all over the city of Bhagya. NTR Marg is crowded with devotees.

Chants of Ganapati Bappa Morea are being heard everywhere in Bhagya city. While children and youths are entertaining with dance steps, women are entertaining by dancing to Bathukamma songs. The victims are being transported to Tankubund in heavy trolleys. Young people are dancing and playing on the tallies. The surroundings of Hyderabad's MJ Market became colorful with the immersion frenzy. The immersion procession is going on magnificently with DJ songs and dances of devotees. Ganapati Pappa Morea is chanted with children's cheers.

Huge arrangements for Ganesha immersion..

The government has made huge arrangements for the immersion of thousands of pilgrims. Officials say that more than 20 thousand Ganesha idols are likely to come for immersion. Accordingly, 22 cranes have already been arranged near the tank bund. Three thousand traffic policemen are maintaining security. 200 cc cameras have been installed around Sagar. GHMC has kept 168 action teams ready. Police have imposed traffic restrictions on the routes where Shobhayatra will take place. These restrictions will continue till tomorrow morning.

Khairatabad Ganapati Shobhayatra..

The procession of Shri Panchamukha Mahalakshmi Ganapati, which was erected in Khairatabad, will begin soon. Mahaganapati, who received special pujas for nine days, will reach Gangamma's lap in a few hours. After the final poojas, Ganasathan will be loaded on the trolley shortly. All the Telugu people in Telugu states and abroad are eagerly waiting for the immersion of Khairatabad. Directly and indirectly lakhs of devotees witness the immersion ceremony. Khairatabad Mahaganapati, which weighs about 70 tons, is being used as a state-of-the-art trolley vehicle. This Mahaganapati is going to be immersed near Crane No. 4 on NTR Marg. The Khairatabad Utsav Committee has made a 50 feet clay statue for the first time in the 67-year history of the Utsav Committee. Last year, the High Court ordered that Plaster of Paris statues not be immersed in Hussainsagar. Khairatabad Utsava Committee stopped the Plaster of Paris statue this time saying that everyone should put clay idols.

Ganesha of Balapur..

The Balapur Ganesha procession is complete. The prestigious Laddu Velampata has started. Balapur Laddu auction is unique in both Telugu states. Laddu auctions at record levels here. Shobhayatra will start after the laddu auction. The immersion will continue with the steps of the Tinmar Band and the clamor of the devotees.

Last year too, Balapur Laddu created a record. 17.60 lakhs in 2019. In the background of Corona, no auction was held in 2020. Presented to CM KCR as a gift. 18 lakh 90 thousand rupees in 2021. Marri Shashank Reddy and MLC Ramesh won the laddu in the auction. 1 lakh 30 thousand rupees more than 2019. Utsava Samiti hopes that this time too it can be played at the same level. Balapur Laddu Auction is being held for 28 years. In 1994, Mohan Reddy bought a local farmer's pond for 450 rupees when Ganesh auctioned the laddoos. After that in 1995, 1998, 2004, 2008 Mohan Reddy received Laddu. So far 27 auctions have been held. The 41-year-old Balapur Ganapati Namajjana celebrations have started. After completing the final puja under the leadership of Utsava Samiti at half past five, Lambodara left for the village procession. They take a procession through the streets of Balapurpura, singing bhajans with great devotion. Once Ganesh reaches the main centre, the auction starts.

Ganesh immersion in Bainsa is peaceful..

Ganesh immersions ended peacefully in Bhainsa of Nirmal district. Ganesha's immersion in chityas was a feast for the eyes. A special attraction is the clattering of jadakoppu near the temple. Women and youths clashed regardless of whether they were young or old. Devotees immersed 129 Vinayaka idols without any disturbance. In the Sobhayatra, which started early in the morning, the youth entertained with frolics and dances, while the women danced to Bathukamma songs and bade farewell to the martyrs.

Police marched ahead of Vinayaka Nimajjana celebrations in Nirmal district. 400 policemen marched through the streets to provide reassurance. Immersions are already going on in some areas.

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