Ganesh Nimajjanam: Police deployment with 12 thousand people.. 200 cc cameras around Sagar

Ganesh Nimajjanam: Ganesh Nimajjanam in twin cities prepares for immersion. Lord Ganesha idols have been moved for immersion in some areas since last night. Till now, the Ganathas, who have received special pooja in the Mantaps, are moving towards the Tankbund. Huge arrangements have been made on the Hyderabad Tank Bund in connection with Ganesh immersion. Balapur Ganesha will also be immersed in Hyderabad Tank Bund. For this, 8 cranes on the tank bund and 22 cranes around the tank bund have been kept ready. Apart from this, 9 more cranes were installed at NTR Marg, 3 cranes at People's Plaza and 2 cranes at two baby ponds. The police have installed 200 cc cameras around Hussainsagar.

Everything is ready for the immersion festival to be held today in Bhagyanagaram. The procession will run for 354 kilometers. Officials have already arranged 32 huge cranes around Hussain Sagar. 33 ponds, 74 special pools, 106 static cranes, 208 mobile cranes have been prepared. 168 GHMC Ganesh Action Teams are ready.. 12 thousand policemen and 10 thousand sanitation workers will participate in the activities.

Here.. Police has established strong security in the old city of Hyderabad. Senior police officials who toured the old city reviewed the situation. Commissioner CV Anand inspected the Patabasti-Balapur Ganesh procession route. Electric cables and cement barricades were removed on the route of Electric City, GHMC department.

At the same time, the religious leaders called the Hyderabadi Muslims. Muslim cleric Qubool Pasha Shittari said that in Hyderabad, the name given to Tehjeeb by Gangajamuna, peace and tranquility are important. It is suggested that the special prayers held today should be offered in local mosques. Immersion arrangements were made for Maha Ganapati of Hyderabad. Utsava Samiti displaced Ganapati. As yesterday was the ninth day, Lord Ganapati was moved from his enshrined position. Galleries near Hyderabad Ganapati have already been removed. After a while, the process of loading the huge Ganapati on the lorry will take place.

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