Etela Rajender Secret Report: Etela – Amit Shah’s meeting is another priority.. What is in the secret Nedika?

Etela Rajender Secret Report: Various speculations are rife about BJP leader Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to Hyderabad. Going to MLA Itala Rajender’s house and discussing it privately became a hot topic. Because, in that meeting, Etala Rajender gave a report to Home Minister Amit Shah. What is that report? There was excitement everywhere. What did Etala Rajender discuss with the original Home Minister? What is in the report given to Shah? is creating political heat.

Amit Shah's tour schedule on September 17 suddenly got canceled at the last minute. Amit Shah took a sudden decision to go to the house of BJP MLA Itala Rajender. Earlier, Telangana BJP special in-charge Sunil Bansal went to the house of Etala Rajender and held discussions. After that, Amit Shah announced that he will go to the residence of Etala on schedule. The Union Home Minister has consulted the family members of Itala Rajender's father Itala Mallaiah. Until then, everyone thought it was common. After the consultation program, Etala Rajender discussed with Amit Shah for about 20 minutes. There was a lot of excitement about what happened in that discussion.

Mission 90..

MLA Etala Rajender handed over the necessary activity report to Amit Shah for BJP to come to power in Telangana. With the aim of winning 90 seats, Mission 90 report included key points and presented it to Amit Shah. In that report, the details of the assembly constituencies where the party is strong and weak candidates and the list of assemblies where the party is weak and strong candidates are included in it. It is reported that a clear report has been submitted on the necessary strategies, plans, weaknesses of the opposing parties, and what kind of policy guarantees can be given to go to the next assembly elections.

But is this all there is to this report? Is there anything else? Such questions are confusing the Kamal Naths of the state. Are there any other points in the report given to Amit Shah? Were there any complaints about coordination between party leaders? There was some excitement over that. Itala Rajender's silence on the discussion with Amit Shah is interesting.

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