Crime News: He said he loved.. He said he was going to get married.. Finally he killed and covered it up!

Telangana Crime News: He brutally murdered the young woman in the name of love and wanted to destroy her without anyone finding out. Instead of making a noise, he buried it and pretended that nothing had happened. But when her parents complained to the police that her daughter was missing, the truth came out. This incident, which came to light late, is causing a stir locally. According to the details of Katedan police..

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Battini Srisailam, who hails from Manajipet, Khillaganapuram Mandal, Vanaparthi District, met Saipriya (19) from Catedan Area NGO Colony during her studying days in Hyderabad (2017). After that, he often followed her as if he loved her. But she refused. However, as Srisailam was following her, she informed the family members. With this, Saipriya's family members scolded Srisailam. In this order, he called Saipriya on last Tuesday (September 5) and asked her to come to Bhutpur in Mahbubnagar district to talk. Saipriya believed his words and went there. Later, he took her to Mabbuguttalo in the suburbs of Manajipet on a bike. As he was forced to marry her, an argument took place between the two. When Saipriya refused, Srisailam tied a chunni around her neck and killed her. After that with the help of a man named Shiva, KLI buried the dead body next to the canal. When Saipriya was not found, her parents lodged a complaint with the police. Suspicion was expressed against Srisailam in the said complaint. The police arrested the accused Srisailam and after interrogating him in their own style, he confessed to the crime. The body was recovered on Thursday and sent for post-mortem.

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