Crime News: A huge robbery in the early morning! Thieves came on a bike and stole Rs.15 lakhs

Telangana Crime news: Thieves busted in early morning in the city. The assailants who came on a bike on a busy road stole lakhs of rupees and ran away. The latest incident has created a stir locally. According to the details of the victims, Chandraprakash, who is working as an accountant assistant in Readymix, Mallareddy is working as a supervisor. He came to SBI Bank at 11.20 am on Monday morning to draw a check of Rs.15 lakh to pay the salaries of the employees of his company. Ever since Mallareddy and Chandraprakash entered the bank, two men wearing a blue T-shirt and a black color shirt followed them. After withdrawing the money, Chandraprakash and Mallareddy are going back to the institution on a bike. But two men wearing blue t-shirt and black color shirt came fast on a bike wearing helmets and snatched the bag from Chandraprakash and ran away. The robbers ran away before realizing what had happened. The victims complained to the police. The real matter came out when the police who entered the field examined the CCTV footage of the surrounding areas including the bank. The police found that the money was not stolen by organizing the Rekki according to the scheme on the motion of Mallareddy and Chandraprakash. The CI said that police teams are searching for thieves in different places of the city.

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