Cm Kcr Press Meet: Lakhs of crores of scams under NDA rule.. CM KCR made shocking allegations..

Cm Kcr Press Meet: Chief Minister KCR alleged that scandals that did not happen in any previous government are happening during the NDA government. Sensational allegations have been made that the central government is taxing everything used by the common man except for air, but it is robbing big companies of lakhs of crores in the name of NPAs.

5G Spectrum Scam

Chief Minister KCR alleged that 5G spectrum auction is the biggest scam. Will only one and a half million come to the estimate of 5 lakh crore? The Center deplored that. What about the scandals BJP is doing now, which raised big concerns about 2G? He asked.

Evasion of bank loans

Chief Minister KCR alleged that a huge scam is going on in the name of avoiding bank loans. He said that the big industrialists who have taken loans are going abroad and doing Jalsa. He said that they have the support of the government. Otherwise, CM KCR directly asked why not even one person could be brought back to India.

The attack of NPAs..

CM KCR alleged that NPAs are running rampant in the NDA government. The Center was accused of giving NPAs. He said that a big scam is running in the name of NPAs. By 2004-05, NPAs were Rs. 58 thousand crores.. Now NPAs are Rs. 20.07 lakh crores. Chief Minister KCR accused that NPAs are announced by taking commissions.

Modi’s friend is a declaration of war.

CM KCR has declared war against Prime Minister Modi saying that he has no personal enmity. He said that conflict is inevitable for the progress of the country. They demanded immediate cancellation of GST on milk, cremation and handloom. CM KCR criticized the policies of the Center saying that taxes are being levied on everything except air and they are drinking the blood of common people.

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