Breast milk for the born child Sri Ramaraksha.. Minister Harish Rao who started the milk bank

Health and Medical Minister Harish Rao said that if the first hour of mother’s milk is given to the child, it is equivalent to the first vaccination. Minister Harish Rao participated in the Breastfeeding Week celebrations at the Petla Buruj Government Hospital in Hyderabad. WHO is celebrating World Breastfeeding Week from 1st to 7th August with the slogan No Breast Milk Kiss-No Can Milk. A.N. Since C came for a checkup, these weeks have been going on to celebrate the excellence of mother’s milk. This program is being conducted with the intention of raising awareness among mothers. Minister Harish Rao said on this occasion..

Bangladesh is a country where 88 percent of mothers in the world breastfeed their babies for six months. WHO has recognized Bangladesh as a Green Nation. It is also given in our country. Only 36 percent breastfeed within the first hour. 64 percent of babies are weaned within the first hour. Milk given to the baby in the first hour is equivalent to vaccinations. Every mother should take note. Due to lack of awareness among mothers, they are giving canned milk. This is being done by sea section operations. Minister Harish Rao has suggested to go ahead with the slogan of mother’s milk kiss – no canned milk.

Breast milk should be given within the first hour to reduce infant mortality. A child should be breastfed continuously for six months. You should keep these in mind. In this order, ANMs, Asha workers and Sarpanchs across the state are explaining the importance of Mother’s Milk Weeks in every village. Before the advent of Telangana, only 30 percent deliveries were done in government hospitals. Now 61 percent of deliveries are taking place in government hospitals. It has doubled compared to the previous one. Minister Harish Rao said that he has been able to increase trust in government hospitals. Sanitation charges have been increased. We have increased the cost of sanitation from 5 thousand rupees per month to 7500 rupees per bed. We have increased the wages of sanitation workers. You will receive them from this month. There will be ESI. PF will be. If there are any allegations against the sanitation staff, we are empowering the superintendents to take strict action. If the money is known to have been asked from the patients, it will be sent home. He said that there will be constant monitoring on this. He said that as a minister, he will carry out surprise inspections. Officials warned that they will check.

All necessary scanning should be done here. Do not send out. The officials were ordered to make necessary arrangements for that.. Do not leave a single patient. They want to make sure that they do not go out even for medicines. Necessary treatment and medicines have been made available for New Borna baby.. There is no shortage of funds. Increase trust. People come to government hospitals in large numbers…we have made necessary treatment and medicines available for new born babies. There is no dearth of funds. Increase trust. Let’s try to make people come to government hospitals in large numbers. They asked to increase the number of beds. Review what the staff and medicines need. He clarified that all of them will be funded by the government. Whatever is required from the government, it will be made available. Gandhi and Nims are being strengthened. A 250-bed MCH hospital is coming up in Gandhi and Nims. He said that measures are being taken to ensure that critical cases do not go to private hospitals and receive treatment there. It is said that 10 to 10 percent referral is taking place. An audit should also be done on the referral. A review should be conducted as to why the referral was made. Do not make referrals except in extreme cases.

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From the sanitation staff to the superintendent, good work is recognized by the government. Strict action will be taken if mistakes are made in the same manner. Doctors said that not a single pregnant woman is being referred in gynecological cases. Congratulations to them. This is what the government wants. It is advised to provide quality treatment without losing faith in every case.

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