Bathukamma: The festival of flowers is about to begin.

Bathukamma: The holy Bathukamma festival of measuring flowers has begun. All the blooming flowers are beautifully decorated. Bathukamma, a flower festival which symbolizes the existence of Telangana in the moments when Pudami mother shines green, has started from today. Telangana Flower Singidi Bathukamma celebrations have started. Bathukamma is the only festival where flowers are used to measure God with flowers. Last two years, Ativalu, who celebrated the festival with fear due to covid, is celebrating Bathukamma festival with double enthusiasm this time.

Bathukamma festival celebrations have started in the united Adilabad district. Adilabad forest area is the venue for Bathukamma celebrations which reflect the culture and traditions of Telangana. These celebrations continue for nine days from Pettara Amavasya every year. It is customary for women to worship Goddess Gauri with flowers and cakes. This year also the girls of Adilabad participated in the Engili Pula Bathukamma celebrations as part of the first day.

All the girls and women are ready for the Engili Pula Bathukamma ceremony. Bathukamma is made out of theeropka flowers and Aburannante is celebrated in a different way. Bathukamma is being prepared by singing songs of Bathukamma with devotion and wearing new clothes with beautiful decorations. Anywhere in creation we worship God with flowers.. But this Bathukamma is unique in that they consider flowers as God and worship them like a gopuram..

Bathukammas are prepared with Gunugu flowers, Tangedu flowers, Katlapoos, Banti, Chamanti, Sita Jada flowers, etc. After arranging the rows of flowers, Gauramma is prepared and special pooja is done. It is impressive to explain the uniqueness of Bathukamma to the children, these rituals found only in Telangana.

Bathukamma celebrations are going on all over the united Warangal district.. The women who celebrated Bathukamma celebrations modestly for the last two years due to the covid effect are celebrating with new enthusiasm this time.. Bathukamma enthusiasm is burning in the women of Warangal.

How Orugallu women prepare for the Angilipula Bathukamma celebrations. Adupaduchuls are ready for Bathukamma celebrations with full zeal.. On the other hand, the authorities are making elaborate arrangements for the conduct of the festival.. On the first day, everything has been prepared for the Engili Pula Bathukamma celebrations at the thousand-pillared temple in Hanumakonda.. Special arrangements have been made for Bathukamma immersion near the ponds and ponds.

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