Basara IIIT: TV9 effect.. Basara IIIT is coming out of the vortex of problems..

Basara IIIT: Basara’s triple IT, plagued with problems, is falling into a groove. Alerted by TV9’s series of articles, the officials and the government are solving the problems in the educational institution one by one. Officials recently commissioned the solar power plant. With the same speed, they focused on the rest of the problems.

Yes, Basara Triple IT is emerging from the vortex of problems. It is taking steps for the golden future of students by overcoming each problem. TV9 has checked the power difficulties in Basara Triple IT with a series of articles. Responding to the news broadcast by TV9, Triple IT officials commissioned a solar power plant on campus. The solar power plant, which had been lying dormant for four years without any budget or repairs, was ready and brought back into use in a matter of months. The solar power plant, which produces 30 thousand units per month and provides 600 kilowatts of electricity per day, has been closed for four years. TV9 broadcasted a series of articles on the condition of the solar plant. With that, the officials took up the repairs within a month and brought the solar power plant into use. On the other hand, the problems in the campus are getting fixed one by one. In-charge VC Venkataramana is taking steps to make all the students focus on studies.

The authorities are solving the demands of the students in a phased manner. Steps have been taken towards almost completing ten of the 12 demands made by the students. Steps are being taken to clear the rest of the issues before the new batch arrives. The administrative department mainly focused on creating infrastructure.

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