Azharuddin: Police are serious about HCA.. Case against match organizers including Azharuddin..

Hyderabad Cricket Body Faces Police Case: The Hyderabad Cricket Ticket Issue was taken seriously by the police. Cases have been registered under various sections against the HCA who played a key role in this raid. Along with HCA President Azharuddin, cases have been registered against the organizers of the match. Hyderabad police have registered three cases with the evidence so far. Aditi Alia and SI Pramod, who were injured in the stampede, filed complaints. The police have registered a case under section 420, section 21, section 22/76 mainly on the charges of ticket management and selling in the block against the HCA. The main reason for this stampede was the negligence of the HCA, the police concluded. Those who have already been injured on this issue have also complained to the police. Meanwhile, Azharuddin has been accused of selling the tickets related to the India-Australia match in black. Many people are expressing their anger that proper precautions were not taken in the sale of tickets and that is why there was a stampede in the gymnasium. If Azharuddin had acted responsibly as the president of HCA, this would not have happened.

The Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) has made arrangements for the sale of tickets for the India-Auss T20 match to be held at the Uppal Stadium on the 25th of this month. Tickets are being sold at the Gymkhana ground in Secunderabad. In this order, fans lined up for match tickets from Thursday morning. A queue was formed from Paradise Circle to Gymkhana to buy tickets. However, the situation got out of control as thousands of cricket fans came beyond expectations. On the one hand, there was tension about getting tickets or not. On the other hand, there was a campaign saying that there would be a counter bandh, and the confusion started.

The fans were angry because the sale of tickets was slow and online payments were not allowed. A tense situation arose as he tried to push himself through the gate. There was a stampede and the entire gymnasium was filled with laughter. Ten people were injured in the baton charge. Four of the victims were women. A woman named Padma lost consciousness in the stampede. Immediately the lady constable there gave her CPR treatment and made her breathe.

Meanwhile, the Telangana government reacted seriously to the stampede at the gymkhana ground. HCA has been directed to review the allotment of tickets immediately. What is the capacity of the stadium, how many tickets are there and how many have been placed online. Minister Srinivas Goud ordered to tell the total scenario. Speaking to the media after the review meeting, the minister assured that such incidents would not be repeated. He said that this incident happened due to the negligence of Hyderabad Cricket Association. They said that they will not tolerate if the reputation of Telangana is tarnished. Also.. Police Department is also failing HCA. The additional DCP said that the mismanagement of the HCA was evident throughout the incident. He made it clear that whoever is responsible will take action.

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