TS Weather Alert: Strong low pressure in Bay of Bengal.. Chance of moderate rains for next 3 days

Telangana Weather Alert: Rivers, ponds and projects in the state of Telangana have been flooded due to continuous heavy rains for a week. Godavari became furious. Many villages in the state were submerged due to flood water. People’s lives have become chaotic due to the disaster of rains and floods. But just now.. when the rains and floods are on the decline.. the weather department officials have warned that there is a possibility of rains again in the state. Going into details..

The Indian Meteorological Department has announced that moderate to heavy rains will occur in many districts of Telangana state in the next three days. Two days ago, a low pressure formed in the Bay of Bengal along the coast of Orissa and its surrounding areas. The low pressure is continuing from Orissa in the northwest Bay of Bengal to West Bengal yesterday. The surface circulation associated with this low pressure extends up to 7.6 km above mean sea level. Due to the influence of this low pressure, many districts including Hyderabad have announced moderate rains for three days. Heavy rains are likely to occur in many districts tomorrow. People have been warned to take adequate precautions.

On the other hand, there was heavy rain in the surrounding areas of Bhadrachalam. As the weather was not suitable, CM KCR abandoned the aerial survey and reached Bhadrachalam by bus. Flood prone areas are being investigated.

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