The reason behind the Gandharva title is the same. Interesting things said by the director Apsar.

Sandeep Madhav, Gayrati R. Suresh starrer ‘Gandharva’. YSK on the Funny Fox Entertainment banner. This is a film presented by Action Group in association with Films. Subani was produced by introducing Apsar as a director. Director Apsar says that Gandharva’s film is a way to take everyone closer to the new world and impress everyone without exaggeration or vengeance. . The sensor will be fully released on July 1st. On the occasion, Gandharva film director Apsar briefed the media at a press conference on Tuesday.

How did the original Gandharva idea come about? Responding to a question, the director said, “I trained at the Pune Film Institute with the urge to direct after returning from service in the defense. After that I made a lot of efforts to think anew as a director. I thought of all kinds of stories. But nothing seemed new. At that time I came to know about a real incident that took place in Israel. From there it seemed to write a story on anti-age (to be more young at age). The Gandharva story was born out of the idea of ​​how an anti-aged person could be linked to his family. I did two years of research on this to actually be close. I took care that the climax came well. 90 percent is actually close, ”he said.

Also, the war will take place in 1971. For that he had to go to an area. Ordinary people have no chance to go. So if there is a military background, we will go there and link to the space exploration that will take place there. The Army background, however, is only about five minutes long. This is a topic that is very appealing to the youth. Family Emotions, comedy tracks, science fiction, suspense thriller and more. I told this story to three heroes. But being a newcomer didn’t give me a chance. If both give us a story. Taken with a different director. But I decided to do it myself. It was during this time that Sandeep Madhav was introduced to music director Shakeel. He became well connected to the two Telugu states through his films Vangaviti and George Reddy. He does not have a big image. I used to think that Wade like this would suit the role of Captain Avinash in my Gandharva.

The Bangladesh War took place in 1971. An incident in the life of a man who went to take part in that war took him fifty years to return home. It will be 2021 to come home. The wife is already 80 years old and the son is 50 years old. He himself is a young man. It also includes a surprise surprise related to Hollywood. Do a Google search for the site and then click on the cached link below the search results. There is a scene like a feast for Pawan Kalyan’s fans.

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