Telangana: Rewanth Reddy arrested at Bibinagar toll plaza

Yadadri Telangana Congress president Revant Reddy was arrested at Bibi Nagar toll plaza in Bhubaneswar district. Rakesh, who was shot dead by police during a riot at the Secunderabad railway station, was stopped by police while on his way to visit his family members. Revant Reddy was outraged that the youth were losing their lives due to the ill-considered decision of the Central Government. He questioned why the protests were coming if all was thought and discussed. It was objected that the recruitment of soldiers on a four-year basis was atrocious. Rewanth Reddy said that the developments in the country on Agnipath are very sad. The Center demanded immediate cancellation of the Agnipath project. He was outraged that the laws to be made after being debated in Parliament were being brought into Parliament after the laws were made. He said the Centre’s treatment of employees who had already prepared for the physical fitness tests through the Agneepath scheme was atrocious.

Clashes broke out at Secunderabad railway station. One person was killed in the clashes. Union Minister Kishan Reddy said five others were injured. He went to the victims and approached Amit Shah without consulting. It is alleged that the riots took place at the Secunderabad station under the auspices of the Congress party. Did TRS and MIM attack if Congress called? Is this actually a case of talking politics ..?

– Rewanth Reddy, President of TPCC

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