Telangana: Rains for another 2 days in Telangana .. Water Board alert for city people .. If so, criminal cases

weather update: Weather department alert for Telangana people. The already falling rains will continue for another 2 days. Heavy rains are expected in several districts across the state on Wednesday and Thursday. The Hyderabad Meteorological Department has forecast light to moderate rains with thunder and lightning in some places on Thursday. The surface basin extending from southern Chhattisgarh over Telangana to the southern coast of Andhra Pradesh has weakened and winds are blowing from the southwest towards Telangana, officials said. Along with this there is also the effect of the southwest monsoon. The Hyderabad Meteorological Department has warned of thunder and lightning on Tuesday and Wednesday. It advised people to take due care and those in the hinterland to be more careful. The sky is overcast in Hyderabad. The Met Office has forecast moderate to heavy rains in the city.

Heavy rains lashed the city of Hyderabad from Monday night to Tuesday morning. As a result, the inland areas became waterlogged. Power supply was disrupted due to heavy rains and strong winds in many parts of the state. The aquifer was alerted in the wake of heavy rains. Established 16 Monsoon Safety Teams in Hyderabad. Water Board MD Danakishore directed the authorities to constantly monitor the rainwater catchment areas and ensure regular removal of waste related to drainage works. People were advised not to open manhole covers. He warned that opening the manhole cover was an offense under Section 74 of the Water Act and that criminal cases would be filed against anyone who opened the manhole cover.
It is advisable to call the Aqueduct Customer Care number 155313 if there is water anywhere, if the manhole cover is broken or open.

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