Telangana: Leader’s order to fight against BJP.. MPs are ready to fight on Hastina platform

According to the leader’s orders, the TRS MPs are ready to fight against the central government. It has been decided to depose the Center on a topic-wise basis in the Parliament sessions to be held from Monday. It is said that the factional attitude of the Center towards the state will be dried up and the voice will be heard in both houses of the Parliament. In the recent meeting held at Pragati Bhavan, they are preparing to narrow the center by carefully following the instructions given by KCR. CM KCR came under fire on BJP’s behavior in the parliamentary party meeting. Prime Minister Modi is conspiring to block the development of Telangana. He alleged that they are trying to suppress the state economically in the name of regulations. They demanded an answer to how the decisions taken by the Center against Telangana are reaching the BJP’s social media groups. The CM expressed his anger that even the details which should be confidential between the country and the state are being leaked.

Describing the leaking of financial affairs as a criminal act, KCR explained to the MPs that the debts of 22 states in the country are more than that of Telangana. Explaining to the MPs that the Telangana government is running financial affairs subject to the boundaries and FRBM, KCR said that Telangana owns the track record of never defaulting even a single penny in eight years. The MPs were advised to ask the Center whether it is true that Telangana has the highest demand in RBI’s bids. In the name of power reforms, KCR suggested that the pressure of the Center on the states should be mentioned in the Parliament. It was explained to the MPs that they should question the recommendations of NITI Aayog.

How much has gone from Telangana to the Center in eight years? How much did Telangana get from the Centre? KCR reminded the party MPs that even common people will understand the injustice being done to Telangana by the central government if they see the figures. Already, KCR, who has declared war on the Centre, has sent MPs to Parliament as weapons. The pink MPs who have landed in Hastina are ready to go to the parliament holding the list of 15 points given by the Supreme Leader. They are prepared to bring down Sarka in the Parliament by including the parties that come together.
There are signs of unrest in a country where tolerance, peace and brotherhood should prevail. The evil policies followed by the BJP government are turning into an ax for the spirit of federalism and secularism.

They should raise their voices to express the aspirations of the people of the country on the platform of Parliament to protest against the undemocratic policies of the BJP against the SC, ST, BC and minority communities in the country. Parliament should be reminded that the countdown has started for the BJP government, which has lost the confidence of the people and has completely failed to govern. It should be remembered that Paichilu came to power with only 30 percent votes and the remaining 70 percent of the people of the country are against the BJP. There have been cases of mass resignations of the parliament when public opposition rose. The BJP government at the center must face the same situation. Along with the demands related to various issues which have already been passed in the Assembly and sent to the Centre, the Center should be moved in both houses on the increase in ST reservation. BJP should be held guilty for this delay.

– KCR, Chief Minister of Telangana

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