Telangana: KTR’s harsh remarks on the Center

Telangana Minister KTR once again criticized the central government’s attitude. KTR BJP leaders alleged that no community in the country was happy with the panchayat between the castes. KTR was incensed that the Agnipath scheme was being brought in and the youth were being stung. Ravanakashtham said that he would make the country a utopia. A Union Minister from Hyderabad said that roads are being paved and questioned whether it was reasonable to blame those who do not do good deeds. If possible, file cases against yourself and the state government. Engineers and workers should not be prosecuted. They demanded that the lands belonging to the defense sector be handed over to the state government. Minister KTR said that flyovers and skyways will be constructed in the cantonment area as well. KTR said that if you are doing good deeds, do not stop unless you can help. Minister KTR said the TRS government had built 30 flyovers in Hyderabad in 8 years. Another 17 flyovers are under construction at various levels.

Roads and public transport are crucial for urban development. In the case of Agnipath, the unemployed are being treated unfairly. IDPL was set up for the manufacture of medicines in the country. The state government has heavily landed for IDPL. A Union Minister has said that cases should not be filed in the case of IDPL. If you dare .. file a case against me, the state government. Wanting not to sue engineers, staff, workers. The BJP has done nothing for the country in the 8 years since it came to power. Modi has failed miserably in keeping his promise. The TRS government’s goal is to help the poor. New ration cards will be issued soon.

– Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao, Telangana Minister

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