Telangana: Is there such a protest against the Army notification? Destruction in this range? .. Many suspicions on the Secunderabad incident

Unexpected destruction even in a dream. Protest like never seen before. Scenes that only appear in the north. How did ours happen in Secunderabad? Such an incident did not happen even in the Telangana movement which went on amidst more emotions and tensions. Like, such a protest over an Army notification? Destruction in this range? Did all of them really move anyone? Or is there any conspiracy? The same is now provoking suspicions. Not one hundred, not two, but thousands fell on the station at once. And what would the police do if all the thousands of protesters stormed into the railway station at once? Why the security failure at the most crucial railway station, which handles millions of commuters every day? Actually, who are those agitators? Where did it come from? They are now raising doubts. Where did they all come from? Are the Northerners also among the agitators? Are all those who came Army unemployed? Or have unscrupulous forces entered in pursuit of the unemployed? The police have to answer the questions.

The Secunderabad railway station was quiet till 9 am. Appeared to be bustling with passengers. After that there was a sudden commotion. A large number of young men entered the station. Some had been stoned in advance. Others grabbed sticks. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police station. Hundreds gathered one by one. One looked at the other and nodded. Parcel counters were attacked. All objects were scattered. The goods were dumped on the rails and set on fire.

The protesters demanded that the firefight be canceled and that military selection continue as usual. Protesters hurled stones at police as they tried to quell the protest. Police have launched a vast gas to control the protesters. Nowhere did the protesters retreat and fire into the galley. Chaos erupted at the Secunderabad railway station amid protesters’ concerns.

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