Telangana: International celebrities praise Telangana greenery .. Drones enter the field for tree planting ..

Telangana: It is well known that the Harithaharam program being carried out by the Telangana government with the aim of achieving a greener Telangana is yielding good results. The ambitious program is getting a good response not only from politicians but also from other sections. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, who recently came to Hyderabad as part of a program titled ‘Save Soil’, also lauded the greening program organized by the state government. In this context, international celebrities are also praising the latest greenery program.

Leading environmentalist and Global Alliance for Sustainable Planet managers Eric Solheim praised the Telangana government’s initiative to increase greenery for environmental protection. Eric recently tweeted that the Telangana government is using drones for tree planting as part of the 8th installment of the greening program.

Posting a video of seeds being sown by drones to places where people cannot go .. ‘Telangana stands as an ideal for the country in enhancing greenery and planting trees. As part of the greening program, seeds are being dropped with the help of drones even where people cannot go, ‘he wrote.

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