Telangana: I will contest from Paleru in the coming elections .. Sharmila’s challenge to Minister Puvada

YSSAR Telangana Party (YTP) President YS.Sharmila made a key statement. He has revealed that he is contesting from Khammam district Paleru in the coming elections. She was speaking at a meeting of party leaders held in Nelakondapalli suburb. Activists and party leaders said he had walked 1,300 kilometers. Sharmila said the local people want her to contest from Paleru. Minister Puwada said there was no level of criticism of Wissar. Bayyaram clarified that the news that he had a stake in Mining was untrue and that he was ready to swear on his children in this regard. Does Puwada have the courage to swear on his children that he has committed no corruption as a minister? She challenged. These remarks have now become a sensation in Telangana politics.

The YSSAR welfare regime should start from scratch. The YTP flag should not fly over the ground. Everyone must work for the vast majority. Let’s work for a majority that has never happened in history.

– YS Sharmila, YTP President

However, a few days ago, Minister Puwada Ajay Kumar made harsh remarks against YTP president YS Sharmila. If there is a panchayat with Anna, it should be taken care of in Andhra Pradesh .. What can be achieved by coming to Telangana? Dammunte challenged me to compete and show victory in Khammam. Paleru also responded strongly that he would show my courage. These comments became a sensation at the time.

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