Telangana: Cloud burst comments to divert attention from Kaleswaram. Congress leaders fire on CM

Telangana (Telangana) Chief Minister KCR was furious with the state Congress leaders. The party’s MP Uttam Kumar Reddy strongly condemned the CM’s comments that heavy rains and floods occurred in the state due to cloud burst. The chief minister of the state suggested that it is not appropriate to speak like this. He alleged that the Chief Minister is spreading lies to divert people’s attention. He said that the Kaleswaram project has sunk and such comments are being made to mislead people. On the other hand.. Ponnala Lakshmaiah, another leader who went to see the flood affected areas.. Is Kaleshwaram a human error? He asked. He deplored how the pumphouses are submerged when there is 12 lakh cusecs of water at Kaleswaram. Though claiming to have given water to 35 lakh acres through Kaleswaram, the Chief Minister has made it clear that not a single acre has been given water at the field level.

Meanwhile, CM KCR made shocking comments that the Kadem project is standing due to God’s grace and there are suspicions that there was a conspiracy against cloud bursts. It has been revealed that an investigation will be conducted on this matter. It is said that there is a conspiracy of other countries for these floods and it is said that they have made a cloud burst, and there are reports that similar incidents have happened near Kashmir and Leh in the past. It is sad that Bhadrachalam gets submerged whenever there is a flood. KCR promised to build permanent colonies for the victims.

Later, KCR arranged a media conference and spoke. The Collector was directed to establish colonies on permanent basis for Bhadrachalam flood victims and to build colonies on higher ground. Measures have been taken to prevent loss of life due to flood. Officials of all districts worked together due to heavy rains. He made it clear that Godavari flood needs a permanent solution.

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