Telangana Bonalu: Good news for devotees .. I will submit Bonam without going to the temple .. otherwise ..

Telangana Bonalu: Bonala festival in Telangana means .. not only brownie .. beyond that. The hustle and bustle of the Bona festival is not all. However, many devotees are unable to offer bonas to the seller due to circumstances. The Telangana government has come up with a new idea considering such issues. Adentante .. from now on bonamettakundane bonam pay. Yes, plants can be paid for without having to stand in queues for hours. Let’s find out now ..

Ashada is enough to start the month .. the noise in Telangana. That’s it. Palle palle, vada, vadalo every house girl .. bloody bonametti .. plants are paid to the seller. Batukamma Audi is screwed. Bonam picked up at home .. Bonam is lifted without lowering until it reaches the seller. But there is no such need anymore .. without the need to keep the original bonam bloody .. The Department of Revenue has made available the facility of paying for plants online.

Minister Indira Reddy has formally launched an online service to provide bonam to Ujjain Mahakali and Balkampeta Ellamma Amma. Those who want to pay the bonam to the seller can book online and the temple administrator will offer the bonam to the seller. The minister revealed that the offerings will be sent directly home after worshiping with family names. The rice in the bonam is then distributed by post as a prasadam. They can be cooked at home and received as a treat. Along with rice, jaggery, axillae and yellow saffron are also sent home.

These services will be available from July 4. Devotees from home and abroad can book these services through Teap Folio, Your Service, Temple Website, Post Office. For domestic devotees .. 300 rupees, for devotees abroad, 1000 rupees, the Telangana Revenue Department has made these services available.

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