Suicide note

Endless love for them is the sale that Nava Masala found cheating. The mother could not stay away. We felt that there was no one else in this world that could not be sold. They could not forget the sickly blinded mother. She cried every day, thinking to herself. Unable to bear the pain of motherlessness, both sons committed suicide out of remorse. The two brothers-in-law left this world within six months of Kannathalli’s death. The tragic incident took place in Medchal district. Going into full details ..

The incident took place at Keesara police station in Medchal district. The two brothers committed suicide by writing a suicide note saying that no one was responsible for their death as their mother did not love them. Yadireddy (34) and Mahipal Reddy (29) of Dayara Rampalli village committed suicide. Yadireddy and his younger brother Mahipal Reddy died 9 months ago due to illness of their mother Pramila.

Even sons who could not stand it wanted to put their lives on hold. Finally, the eldest son Yadireddy committed suicide by writing a suicide note. His younger brother Mahipal Reddy died after drinking insecticide. After receiving this information, the police reached the spot and are investigating.

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