Shankarpally: The wife who killed her husband with her boyfriend because he was obstructing her extramarital relationship!

Police solved Shankarpalli murder case: The police cleverly solved the Shankarpalli murder case which caused a stir locally. On July 11, the police have registered a case of murder of a fruit seller at Shankarpally in Rangareddy district. The police investigation revealed that the wife of the deceased was killed along with her boyfriend for obstructing an extra-marital affair. The accused who confessed to this crime were remanded on July 16. If we go into the details..

Shankaraiah (43) and Jayasudha (38) are a couple from Madnoor of Kamareddy district. They came to Biranguda near Patancheru 14 years ago and started a fruit shop. In this order, Shankaraiah took a lease of a pomegranate orchard in Tangatur under Shankarpally mandal a year ago and used to visit the orchard once a week. But his wife Jayasudha, who was in their fruit shop, became close with Tirupathi Rao, a gym trainer. That led to an extramarital affair. The wife Jayasudha, who has been having an affair without her husband’s suspicions for two months, told Tirupathi Rao that her husband Shankaraiah was a drunkard and was torturing her during the day.

According to the conspiracy, on July 11, Shankaraiah was returning from the pomegranate garden, when Tirupathi Rao, who was outside the village, indiscriminately hit him on the head with a stick. After that he cut his throat with the knife he had brought with him and ran away. But when the incident of murder came out, the police entered the scene. The accused was caught by the police on July 15 (Friday) based on the two-wheeler used. Later, the police interrogated them in their own style and told the media that the accused confessed the truth. ACP Ravinder Reddy and CI Mahesh Goud congratulated the CI, SSI and other personnel for solving the murder case quickly.

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