Secunderabad violence mastermind arrested, another 200 students in police custody

Agnipath protest: Police are investigating the Secunderabad railway station attack. Police have already arrested 52 students and remanded them in custody. Railway police investigating seven suspects .. Police are on the lookout for those involved in the attack. Police are working to identify more candidates based on CCTV cameras, police video recording, media footage, social media and cell phone signals. Police said there would be no amnesty once cases were registered under the Railway Act. Police are investigating whether there was a conspiracy by the owners of the private defense academy behind the riots. A key accused, Aavala Subbarao, has already been arrested.

According to Palnadu District Narsaraupeta Rural CI Bhaktavatsalareddy, Sai Defense Academy is located in Narsaraopeta Rural. He said the academy was investigating director Subbarao in the wake of the Agneepath agitation. There were reports on social media that Subbarao was involved in the Secunderabad railway station demolition incident. We are inquiring whether Subbarao has a role as per SP orders or not. Subbarao said he was not there at the time of the agitation. No technical evidence was found. Subbarao sent messages about the academy to students on his cell phone. We are looking into whether there are any negative messages in it. Subbarao says that so far two thousand people who have been trained in Akami have been given jobs. We are telling the academy students not to go for agneepath concerns by Subbarao. Subbarao was placed under observation and summoned only for questioning. He said that he knows the details of how many students are in the academy and how many are being given accommodation. So far the Telangana police have not contacted us. Meanwhile, Sai Defense Academy director Aavala Subbarao is in the custody of Narsaraopet police. Police are investigating Subbarao. However, police did not confirm Subbarao’s arrest.

Rajesh, 19, of Warangal, was killed in a violent incident at the Secunderabad railway station. Dozens of protesters were injured. The incident took place when tens of thousands of protesters gathered at the railway station on Friday and attacked three passenger trains. Protesters set fire to train bogies and vandalized public property. Police have arrested several people in connection with violent incidents across the state.

Concerns have been raised in several states since the government on Tuesday unveiled the ‘Agneepath’ scheme to recruit soldiers on a four-year short-term contract basis in the Army, Navy and Air Force. Under the scheme, persons between the ages of 17.5 to 23 years will be included in the service for a period of four years. During this period, they will be paid a monthly salary and allowances of between 30,000-40,000, after which many will have a mandatory retirement without gratuity or pension.

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