Secunderabad: Tension recedes at Secunderabad railway station .. Several trains canceled .. Some more diverted

The Secunderabad railway station was flooded with protesters demanding the cancellation of the Agnipath project. Drowned in a tense atmosphere since morning. Several train services have been disrupted since the incident. The situation at Secunderabad station did not improve though the situation was expected to come under control by evening. Vigilant officials are trying to clear the railway lines .There is a possibility of train breaks for another 50 hours. Traffic on the South Central Railway was paralyzed due to unrest at Secunderabad Junction. There are 295 trains plying daily from Secunderabad Junction. More than 165 trains depart from 4:30 p.m. However, due to the clashes, several trains were completely canceled and others were diverted.

Hyderabad-Shalimar 18046 East Coast Express, 17230 Secunderabad-Thiruvananthapuram Sabari Express, 12704 Secunderabad-Howrah Falaknuma Express, 12791 Secunderabad-Danapur Express, 17002 Secunderabad-Sainagar Shirdi Express, 2276 to Dapurna – 2276 Ernakulam Expresses canceled Trains 12703 Howrah-Secunderabad, 17234 Sirpur Kagaznagar-Secunderabad and 17201 Guntur-Secunderabad will be diverted from Charlapally Railway Station instead of Secunderabad Railway Station.

On the other hand .. Secunderabad railway station has become a battleground with agneepath concerns. Key items at the station were destroyed by protesters. South Central Railway CPRVO Rakesh said three trains were damaged in the Secunderabad agitation on the railway tracks. He said the protesters arrived at the railway station around 9 am and evacuated the passengers safely.

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