Secunderabad Incident: A new twist in the Aavala Subbarao affair .. District SP clarifies arrest articles

Secunderabad Railway Station Incident: The case of Avula Subbarao, director of the Private Defense Academy, who is suspected to be the main culprit behind the vandalism at the Secunderabad Railway Station, has taken a new turn. Palnadu district SP Ravishankar Reddy said they had not taken the cows Subbarao into custody. He said they were just mourning Subbarao. He said the decision on Subbarao’s arrest would be taken as per the DGP’s directions after some more evidence was received. He said the Telangana police had not contacted him regarding the Subbarao affair. SP Ravishankar also said that there was no truth in the news that Subbarao was being questioned by the UP police. Subbarao’s affair was clarified by the AP police with the SP statement in full.

Subbarao, director of the Sai Defense Academy, was escorted by police from Thurimella near Kambham in the wake of the Agneepath agitation. His involvement in the Secunderabad vandalism incident at the Palnadu district SP office is being questioned. Placed on Observation for Technical Evidence. Police are investigating messages sent by Subbarao to students from his phone.

It is known that some unemployed people are creating havoc at the Secunderabad railway station against the Agneepath scheme. Three trains were set on fire on the occasion. One person was killed and 14 others were injured when police opened fire to control the situation.

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