Secunderabad: High tension at Secunderabad railway station.

Secunderabad Railway Station High Tension Continues The protesters continue their protest. Hundreds are still worried about the rails. Sasemira says the youths are telling the police to stop worrying. The police are wondering what to do with it. Police negotiations with protesters failed. However, protesters say not two but two will come. Police warn that sitting on the rails will be strong action. Additional CP Srinivas said there was no point in doing so. Union Minister Kishan Reddy has brought the demolition of the Secunderabad railway station to the attention of Union Home Minister (Amit Shah). Describes the situation at Secunderabad station. He spoke about the burning of trains and the protests by protesters. Union Minister Kishan Reddy alleged that there was a conspiracy behind the destruction.

AP BJP leader Vishnuvardhan Reddy has alleged that the TRS and the Majlis were behind the demolition of the Secunderabad railway station. Jubileehills was incensed that the Pukka plan had created havoc to mislead the gangrape incident. Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay said the central government would not do any injustice in terms of jobs for the youth. Hearing the bad words the young men asked not to be misled. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that the youth need not worry about the Agneepath scheme. The youth were advised that it would be good if the scheme was properly understood. Kodandaram blamed central government policies for the Secunderabad demolition.

However, it seems that the destruction at the Secunderabad railway station took place with a plan. Discussions have been going on in WhatsApp groups for two or three days now, raising suspicions that hundreds of people may be coming at once.

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