Sai Pallavi: ‘Sai Pallavi’s mind damaged by reading communist books’ .. Rajasingh sensational comments

Virata Parvam: The comments made by Saipallavai on the attacks on cowherds as part of the Virata Parvam movie promotional event are now politically charged. Saipallavai’s comments on Kashmir files are ubiquitous. Gossamrakshakas and Bhajarangdal leaders are incensed against Saipallavai. BJP MLA Raja Singh was incensed that the sentiments of Hindus would not be tolerated and that the people would revolt. Sai Pallavi read communist books for the film and claimed that his mind was damaged. He said that if he went to Kashmir and met the scholars, he would know the atrocities that had taken place. He called on activists to lodge complaints against Sai Pallavi in ​​all police stations in Telangana and AP. He said that if one is arrested, others will not fall prey to Hindus. He said that some actors and directors are trying to make the movie popular. BJP affiliates are demanding that Sai Pallavi withdraw his remarks and issue a public apology to the Hindu community. A case has already been registered against Saipallavai at the Sultan Bazar police station in Hyderabad. Do you have the guts to comment on Islam? Comment on Christians? Micah did not dare. If you dare, make comments on Muslims and Christians. Rajasinghe also warned of attacks on Hindus if they do not do what they do. BJP MLA Rajasinghe demanded immediate arrest of Saipallavai.

Controversy over Virataparvam movie heroine Saipallawi’s comments on Kashmir files is turning into a whirlwind. Taken as a revolutionary theme, Virataparvam became a sensation even before its release. Saipallawi, on the other hand, commented that the attacks were not anywhere but in Kashmir or in Goa’s care, referring to the cow guards’ attack on the driver of the vehicle moving the cow. The attack on Kashmiri Pandits is shown in the Kashmir files. The BJP ranks are incensed at Saipallawi’s comment that he should see the attack on a driver as well because he is a Muslim. Saipallavai’s comments that there is no point in forgetting humanity, regardless of one’s religion or belief, have fueled the controversy. Saipallavai, on the other hand, had earlier announced that he would respond to his comments, but that this was not the right time.


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