Revanth Reddy: The government should immediately solve the problems of triple IT students .. Revanth Reddy demanded.

Revanth Reddy: It is well known that the protests of Basra Triple IT students have become a topic of discussion politically. Recently, TPCC President Revanth Reddy responded to this issue. The government immediately demanded that the problems of triple IT students be addressed. Speaking on the issue, Rewant Reddy said, “We have set up three triple ITs in joint Andhra Pradesh during the reign of YS Rajasekhara Reddy during the Congress rule. Along with Basra, we have set up these educational institutions of international standards in Pulivendula and Noojividu. The Congress party has taken many steps to strengthen the education system. But KTR has weakened education by not taking appointments in universities, ”Rewanth said.

The Triple IT Campus, which started with 6,000 students, now has 9,000 students. But the facilities were not increased to accommodate the growing number of students. If students are agitating for facilities, we thought this KCR, which is inspired by student movements, would care. But left to the wind. It is unfortunate that KTR and Education Minister Sabita Indrareddy are being ignored. Sabita Indrareddy’s silly problems with students’ problems are terrible. Sabita Indrareddy does not seem to be silly about the problems of the educational institution set up by the Viceroy who saw them as illegitimate children. The main opposition was aware of the problems of the students and tried to explain to the Chief Minister and the Governor. But police came in thousands and made arrests. The student body is noticing these dictatorial tendencies. The student world is taking this matter seriously. It is not limited to Basra alone. ‘

Rewanth criticized the police, who came in thousands on the highway to catch themselves, saying they could not catch the culprits if gang rapes were taking place. The government immediately demanded that a high-level committee be set up to address the problems of triple IT students. Dheema said that the Congress would come to power in 1 month.

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