Rajya Sabha: Rajya Sabha nominated posts for prominent people from South.. Prime Minister Modi gave special congratulations

The central government has taken a crucial decision. The President has nominated four southern celebrities to the Rajya Sabha in the quota. Famous music director Ilaya Raja, famous director-writer K.Vijayendra Prasad, queen of running PT Usha and Dharmadhikari of Dharmasthala temple Virendra Heggade have been selected by the central government as members of the Rajya Sabha. To this extent, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM.Modi) congratulated the four separately through Twitter. The Prime Minister said that PT Usha’s achievements in the field of sports are highly commendable and her efforts in producing many sportspersons are equally commendable. Referring to the music director Ilayaraja, he praised that his creative art was a reflection of many emotions. He said that his background and his journey of life is an inspiration to many people. He was praised for entertaining several generations with his music.

Referring to Virendra Heggade, Dharmadhikari of Dharmasthala temple, he praised his service in social service. He said that when he got an opportunity to visit the Dharamsthala temple, he himself saw the remarkable efforts of Virendra Heggade in the fields of education, culture and health. He said that he will bring more effort to the parliamentary activities. Finally he tweeted about director-writer KV Vijayendra Prasad (father of famous film director SS Rajamouli). He has been in the field of cinema, which has been the home of creativity for several decades, and his works have been praised for reflecting the rich cultural traditions of India around the world. All these four were congratulated on being nominated as Rajya Sabha members.

It is remarkable that all the four nominated to the Rajya Sabha are from four different states in the background of the end of the tenure of M. Venkaiah Naidu from the South as the Vice President. It is clear that the BJP leadership has selected one from each of the four major linguistic groups. Run queen PT Usha hails from Kerala (Malayali) while famous music director Ilayaraja hails from Tamil Nadu. Virendra Heggade hails from Karnataka while Vijayendra Prasad hails from Telugu. Rajya Sabha appoints those who have served in various fields in nominated posts. It is understood that the selection of these four was very strategic. It is well known that BJP’s next target is to expand in southern states.

This can be understood if we look at the recent developments that the Kamal Dal, which is already in power in Karnataka, has focused on neighboring Telangana. In addition to these, Kamal Nath, who is trying to gain a foothold in other southern states, has selected well-known celebrities from the fields of cinema, sports and charity in order to appeal to the respective language groups. It seems that the top leadership of BJP feels that such decisions will be useful in erasing the image of BJP as a North Indian political party. It seems that this decision taken by the BJP leadership at a time when the central government is being criticized for unfair allocation of funds and projects to the southern states, has been taken keeping in mind the emotions of the people of the south.

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