Mallareddy: Minister Mallareddy who is in the news once again .. High voltage dialogue war at the Medchal Mandal Plenary Session ..

Mallareddy: Minister Mallareddy has been in the news lately. It is well known that the TPCC President Revanth Reddy vs Mallareddy episode has become the talk of the town in state politics. But recently Mallareddy was in the news once again. The recently convened Medical Zone Plenary Session turned out to be a success. The war went on as Minister Mallareddy vs. Congress. A war of words erupted between Dabilpura MPTC Hemalatha and Minister Mallareddy at the Mandal Plenary Session.

The meeting was disrupted when Hemalatha deposed Mallareddy over MPTC funds. Congress MPTC Hemalatha questioned Minister Mallareddy for not giving due priority to MPTC in the villages and not allocating funds. He said that due to non-allocation of funds, he was unable to develop in Dabilpur, Lingapur and Burmajiguda under his purview. With that, Mallareddy fired fiercely. ‘No .. Do you see the progress being made by the government? Is it not providing cash to the people through various schemes? ‘ Mallareddy asked in anticipation.

Funding for MPTCs? Are the funds allocated to the Sarpanches? The minister was outraged. However, Dabilpur Sarpanch Geeta Bhagyareddy of the TRS got into an argument as the Congress MPTC Hemalatha did not calm down. With that, there was a brief altercation between the two of them. Hemalatha questioned in reverse if he could not make any progress in his ward as an MPTC. With that, the Medical Constituency Plenary Session became somewhat of a Mallareddy vs. MPTC war.

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