Kishan Reddy: The decision to mislead the youth is not right .. Union Minister fires over Secunderabad incident

Union Minister Kishan Reddy reacted to the outrage over the Agnipath scheme. It was revealed that the scheme was brought about after lengthy discussions and discussions with the aim of inculcating patriotism and national feeling among the people. He said it was wrong to try to mislead the youth in this regard. He was outraged that the plan was to create havoc in Secunderabad. The Union Minister said that schemes like ‘Agneepath’ have been in operation in many countries of the world for years and only those who have the desire to serve the country will take part in the Agneepath. He said the scheme was not mandatory in India. Kishan Reddy said that only those who like to join the scheme voluntarily will not be forced to do so.

Union Minister Kishan Reddy has lashed out at the state police for not taking action in the Secunderabad incident. CCTV cameras were smashed and passenger bikes set on fire but did not respond. Railway coaches were set on fire. All the bogies were wrecked. He questioned why the police did not respond in a timely manner despite all this happening. He said the onus was on the state government to maintain law and order. Kishan Reddy stressed that he was ready to hold talks with state governments and intellectuals if there were any objections to the fire.

Schemes like Agnipath have been implemented in many countries of the world for years. Israel has a tradition of serving in the military for 12 months. Iran has a tradition of serving in the military for 20 months. Has been operating in the United Arab Emirates for over six years. Not mandatory in India. Those who like are joining. It is unfortunate that the attacks would not have happened if the central government had taken up a voluntary scheme.

– Kishan Reddy, Union Minister


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