International Yoga Day: ‘Yoga transcends castes’ .. Vice President Venkaiah Naidu ..

International Yoga Day: The Vice President was the Chief Guest at the Yoga Day celebrations held at the Secunderabad Parade Ground to mark the 8th International Yoga Day. Union Minister Kishan Reddy along with film star Adavi Sheshu and badminton player PV Sindhu were present on the occasion. Venkaiah Naidu performed yogasanas on this occasion.

Afterwards, people say .. ‘Yoga means to practice, to achieve concentration. Yoga gives confidence. Yoga transcends castes, and yoga is a symbol of Indian culture. Contributes to peace in the world, everyone should do yoga to stay healthy for a long time. Yoga must be practiced at any level. Doing yoga for a while is good for health, ‘said Venkaiah.

Yoga should be made compulsory in schools

Union Minister Kishan Reddy, who was present at the event, said, “Everyone should definitely do yoga to stay healthy. Yoga should be practiced by everyone. Yoga should be made compulsory in schools. 200 countries around the world are celebrating Yoga Day. It is very good to do yoga for physical and mental health, ‘said Kishan Reddy.

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