Hyderabad: Unexpected twist in the white case of killing boyfriend .. but if you see that message ..!

Telangana: There is nothing wrong with using technology. There is nothing wrong with being up to date. But technology is sharper than a sword when applied in the wrong way. Not the wrong technology. The threat is inevitable if technology is used with wrong ideas. Yashwin‌- The same thing happened in the white affair. Introduction on Facebook .. Friendship .. Leading to an illicit relationship .. Everyone knows the consequences that followed. Sensations are coming to light one by one in the police investigation. Yashwin was attacked in Meerpet, Hyderabad. Yashwin died at the hospital while receiving treatment. A new angle has now come to light in the white case of killing a boyfriend. It is learned that Swetha Reddy, who had planned to kill her boyfriend first, sent another last minute message to her boyfriend Ashok not to kill him. But the victim was seriously injured when he was already hit with a hammer. According to reliable sources, the accused had told the police that he would lose his sanity if he was hit in the back of the head.

The whole Bagotam comes to light with CC footage ..

Scene offense is like an accident. But with CC policing the fiery truth came to the fore. When the CC footage came to light .. Mirpet police were couped based on Yashwin Caldata. Finally, if you check who Yashwin called, Swetha Reddy’s number flashed. Total ‘episode’ came to the screen when she was taken into custody and mourned. And who are Ashok and Karthik? What is their link with her? The police also know the full details of the matter. Ashokadi Krishnajilla Thiruvoor Mandal. Employee in a bank. His activities in the bank were not mentioned but in the case of Yashwin, Bhamakalapam came to the fore. Introduction to Ashok-Swetha Reddy on Facebook. That was just four and a half months ago. In the meanwhile Intimasi grew up and went into illicit relationship, until he got involved in Yashwin’s murder. He used his cunning intelligence to murder Yashwin and add him to the Accident account, as fast as he could add and subtract from the bank. Stuck to the third eye.

According to the police version, the accused sketched cinematically. The plan was implemented as expected. But in the end what happened. No matter how criminals are, the law must be solid with a small clue. The same thing happened. The scene of the accused was disturbed with CC policing. Police also arrested Shweta Reddy Ashok and his accomplice Karthik. Sensations in the investigation continue to come to light one by one.

These are the details that the police initially revealed during the investigation of the case. Information that sensations are coming to the screen in the trial as a coupe. The police are dealing with the inquiry very carefully in view of the seriousness of the case. Swetha Reddy, Ashok and Karthik were arrested as accused. What is the real truth behind the Yashwan murder case? Whose role is it? .. More sensations in the investigation .. What kind of twists are coming to the screen has now become a suspense.