Hyderabad: Turns out ITC Kohinoor pub case .. Police investigating .. CC footage turned crucial

The ITC Kohinoor Pub case is turning around. The victim, Vishnu, reached Rayadurgam PS, the victim. Vishnu said that a gang had attacked them. He said he went to the pub with the young woman, where he began to behave rudely and was attacked if he tried to resist. He said there were about eight people and that those who attacked them were the children of reputable people. Mayank, who is accused of attacking the incident, and his friends also lodged a case at the Rayadurg police station (Hyderabad). Mayank and his friends complained that Vishnu and Vikram, who came with the girl, attacked them. Police have registered a case against Vikram and Vishnu for allegedly assaulting them indiscriminately. They were then informed. Called to come to the station. Instead of prosecuting those who behaved rudely with them .. the police were asked what was being put on them.

Police found that the victim had been in contact with Mayank and his friends in the past. After a scuffle in the pub, they realized they were attacking each other in a no smoking area. Vishnu was injured in the attack. With this, body builder Vikram Mayank was attacked. These scenes were recorded on CC footage. Police are investigating what happened due to the lack of CCTV cameras in the no smoking area.

However, some youths attacked a young woman at the Star Hotel Pub within the Rayadurg police station. Behaved rudely with a young woman working as a nutritionist and dietitian. The event took place in the Roof Top Pub Lounge. On Sunday, 8 young men behaved rudely with a young woman who went to a pub with two friends. Girlfriends who tried to stop were indiscriminately attacked with bottles. While in the pub, the young woman refused to come to the victim and ask for her phone number. The enraged youths accused him of using obscene language.

The victim was deeply saddened by the incident and lodged a complaint with the Rayadurg police. Police are investigating based on CC footage.

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