Hyderabad: If a young man resorts to matrimonial for marriage .. a young woman plays a wedding play .. Rs 6.50 crore Swaha

Hyderabad: A young woman showed the dots to a young man who resorted to matrimony to watch marriages. The incident, which took place in the Hyderabad metropolis, came to light late. A young woman named Reena, who was working in a matrimonial house, was shocked when she searched for a young man’s property. The wedding drama was played to knock down his property. Prior to her marriage, she had invested up to Rs 6.5 crore in a company she knew. Tira was divorced within fifteen days of the wedding. Why did the depressed young man hit the bullies. Realizing that she had been deceived by this, the victim’s sister approached the CCS police. With this the real thing came to light.

Ravikumar, who lives in Hyderabad, has been trying to get married for two and a half years. Introduced by Reena Gorle, who runs Matrimony. This acquaintance went on until the wedding. Reena and Ravi got married in February this year. Ravikumar’s sister Padmaja then lodged a complaint with the police after Reena revealed the original form. CCS police have registered a case against Reena and another for milk.

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