Hyderabad: Hyderabad IT sector that does not leave work from home .. Experts who may have a negative impact

Hyderabad IT Industry: Software sector that has reached work from home due to corona lockdown. Is it possible that the IT sector offices will be fully staffed despite the Corona fears? 50% of Information Technology employees in future .. Will it be limited to homes? With this, even if the IT sector does not make a profit, in the future, the employees will move away from skill development, learning skills, team work and work culture. Is there a big risk to the IT sector? The answers are yes. So far .. the Hyderabad software route that has been in WorkFrame Home lately is going nowhere.

The Hyderabad software sector is playing a major role in the country. The IT sector is competing with Bangalore. Such a field .. It has been two years since I spent time with Corona. Corona First, Second and Third Waves have passed but there is still no work from office guarantee. After seeing the third wave .. most of the corona fears subsided. Ordinary public life is deteriorating. In many sectors 50 to 90 percent of the normal conditions prevail. However .. in the soft field .. it looks different wax conditions. So far less than 20 per cent .. Irangam has left home and entered offices. Yet 80 percent of work-from-home continues. And are these conditions likely to change? What is the profit or loss? The same questions haunt. It steps in to assess the pros and cons of any sector. Many sectors did the same during the Corona period. But the IT sector is not in a similar situation. Because whether in the office .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. … On the other hand… work from home has reduced many costs… is calculated to have brought some benefit to those running the sector.

Due to the IT sector being limited to work from home for more than two years. The IT corridors of Hyderabad, which were once known for their art, are not yet fully crowded. Mind space was once .. e is as it is now. Another key area in the Hyderabad IT hub is the Wipro Center. This is a carafe address to the Finance District. This is an area where IT employees come in handy. But with work from home, these areas seem confusing. With the exception of normal vehicular traffic .. the area has lost its IT flavor.

Since the software sector is confined to the home, there is no harm to employees in that sector. And there is no actual loss to the owners. That is not enough. Because those who depend on it are from one East to 3 to 6. With more software being confined to homes, shops in the IT corridor have become almost closed. Many businesses were shut down.

IT employees have been looking at the face of the office for over two years. What do employees in this industry think in the midst of such situations? Do you want to be stronger than the office? I.e. mixed responses are heard. Anyway .. Analyzes reveal that in the future only 50 to 60 per cent of the IT sector will be in a position to come to offices and do jobs. No matter how long you are at home .. there is no damage to the software sector. In addition, costs are declining. Employees are doing jobs without a cold move in the stomach. This is not new .. It’s a habit for most software companies. Now comes the corona but in the past there also seemed to be a system of performing functions from many different software job associations. Sandeep Maktal, president of the Telangana IT Employees’ Association, said that in the future, 40 to 50 IT sectors will continue to be in the work-from-home sector.

Other IT analysts say that working from home is comfortable, but so is the work culture as well as the collaboration and teamwork learning. It is believed that if the same policy is continued, it will cause a lot of damage to the IT sector in the future. M. Chandrasekhar, a US IT consultant and IT analyst, said that even in countries like the United States, working conditions have begun to come to offices.

Work from home job is fine .. but how long .. if the same situation continues in the IT sector .. what about affiliate lives based on it? Everyone should get better. The social principle that we should be in it is missed. That said, duty management in the workplace is always good. IT team leader Kumar is already having a limited work bore at home. Amidst the ongoing turmoil in the IT sector, the situation of those who depend on Mari Irangam remains extremely dire. Sectors such as food… transport security were completely damaged. Businesses that once did business from morning till midnight are now becoming less and less. Some cars are rooted for the transportation of IT employees. Cab drivers are speculating that companies like Ola and Uber may eventually put their cabs in and pay the bank EMIs.

And how long has this been an anonymous stay for the IT sector. Is there any harm if employees are confined to their homes? Are the profits the same, from employees to company owners? Will the cost of infrastructure outweigh the costs of promoting a work-from-home culture? Profits coming from the IT sector .. Assessing the costs, the owners of IT companies are paying the highest amount on the employees. Rents .. The amount spent on things like electricity… transportation is said to be very small. Companies do not need to promote work from home for this.

On the other hand, small and micro IT companies have already opened 60 to 80 per cent of their work-from-office offices, while large companies account for only 10 to 20 per cent of office work. Bharani Kumar, secretary, Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association, said that in the next three months, 50 per cent of the duties would have to be discharged from the offices. In the midst of so many different ideas and analyzes, will the IT sector start at least 70 to 80 per cent by the end of this year, even if 100 per cent of the work does not reach the offices? That sounds like a billion dollar question.

(Ganesh.Y, TV9Telugu, Hyderabad)

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