Hyderabad: He is the only police boss in Hyderabad .. CV Anand in three roles ..

Hyderabad Kotwal CV Anand is currently the Commissioner for the three Commissionerates in the Capital. Cyberabad and Rachakonda Commissioners Stephen Ravindra and Mahesh Muralidhar Bhagwat are on leave. With this he became the in-charge commissioner for both the commissionerates. Police say this is the first time such an incident has been reported.

CPs on a foreign tour ..

Rachakonda Commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat will go abroad on leave in the second week of this month. Last week, Cyberabad Commissioner Stephen Ravindra also went abroad on leave and made CV Anand the Commissioner in-charge for the post. With this, he technically became the two commissioners in-charge. Anand coordinates the administrative affairs of these three Police Commissionerates with the Additional Commissioners of Police and other senior officers. Usually every morning the commissioners of the respective commissionerates hold a teleconference with their superiors on the latest situation, developments, programs and protests.

Three conferences, meetings ..

The Special Branch officers look at the periscope and give instructions and advice in this regard. Anand, who is currently the commissioner for the three commissionerates, conducts three teleconferences every day and examines three periscopes.

The Prime Minister is busy arranging the tour

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the Indian School of Business (ISB) in Cyberabad. It is in this context that Anand’s focus is now specifically on that Commissionerate. The Prime Minister had a meeting with the Cyberabad High Commissioners at the Cyberabad Commissioner’s Office in Gatchibauli and visited ISB on the security and security measures to be taken in the wake of the visit. The Cyberabad police are coordinating with the Special Protection Group (SPG), the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the State Intelligence Agency, which oversees the security of Prime Minister Modi.